Hell is empty

A sweet and endearing ambience,Moulded by your smittening words Exhorting me to fall in lovePushing me into oblivion Your eyes were glistening,Little did I know it was the mere relection of light And along with the black night,darkness would be cast, all over my life. Your stolid eyeswere creating a dubeity And as I had […]

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Isn’t it love?

You drew your lips closer to mine, Intoxicating me, intertwined Our souls entangled, your eyes on me All part of a broken fantasy, But when you do the same to the girl next door, why am I being called a whore? Still, my heart calls you one last time For your body belongs only on […]

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Mending hearts

Cherry blossom hearts Beautiful yet fragile, You sit with a broken dream I’m hidden in your shadow The twilight sky falls on your face, Lilac and gold Like your soul. “Do you mind getting your heart mended?”, I ask you You look cold, But when your finger laces mine I feel a warmth like never […]

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