Hell is empty

A sweet and endearing ambience,
Moulded by your smittening words

Exhorting me to fall in love
Pushing me into oblivion

Your eyes were glistening,
Little did I know it was the mere relection of light

And along with the black night,
darkness would be cast, all over my life.

Your stolid eyes
were creating a dubeity

And as I had feared, your promises shattered
Along with your veneer of goodness.

Souls so close now seemed disparate,
your tender mouth had been bleeding
with lies all along

My indignant heart ached to complain,
I would still condone ,
but you didn’t have a single shred of guilt in you

Your presence screamed disloyalty
You had once made me believe in the existence of heaven,

I don’t know about that
but I know,

Hell is empty,
the devil was with me all along.

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