Mental health

At times it feels like no one understands you. That everything is a sham. The mental health advocation on stories- a stunt for publicity. The generations before you that dismiss mental health, they will never know what you feel like.

But you are never alone. The restlesness that your mom feels when you don’t study, like her whole world is falling apart-anxiety. The morose shopkeeper in the neighbourhood who never smiles perhaps has depression. The maniac on the street who everyone asks to stay away from might be schizophrenic. They were never educated on what mental health is. Society will take the time to tell a hundred others what they feel about someone instead of trying to understand one person.

It is impossible to say how everyone feels. But you are not alone. Not just on world mental health day, but those suffering battle everyday. If you are reading this story on a mobile right now, you should be very grateful. You likely have a roof over your head and food to eat. However, you still have all the rights to feel any kind of emotions. Every struggle is different. Never guilt trip yourself for feeling a certain way just because you are privileged. Never think that since others have it worse than you, your pain doesn’t count.

My point in saying you are privileged is that you are enlightened and you can get help:) Unlike millions of other who never will know what happened to them. Why they feel that way. No matter how you are feeling, opening up always makes it so much better. A trusted friend, family member, partner, anyone at all. Just let yourself vent for once. If there is no one, you can always talk to me♡

You are never alone. And it always, always gets better. Never forget that. Sending love to everyone out there. You are a fighter and I know you won’t give up❤

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